Tuesday, May 31, 2011

George Williams and My Liberties

As many of you know last week the FBI started an investigation of County Clerk George Williams. Many have beaten me to the punch on talking about it, but it was because I didn't care. Why on Earth would I be surprised that George Williams, the man who has purged several members of my family from the County Republican Party over his disagreements with them and who has ran the Clerk's office for over 30 years by blocking anyone from primarying him from the only credible party (the Republicans) that this county has because he has been the party chair, would be less than above boards with his dealings?

Of course he's corrupt, we asked for it. Everytime someone went to a County Committee meeting and feared standing up to the man because he could expel them the party they invited this kind of corruption of government. He's never had to deal with being in the minority party because democrats don't live here, which I am more than ok with considering the kind of filth that they generally support. But our party gladly stood behind him each and everytime he said "I'm going to fuck each and everyone of you in the face and ask you to think me," with his price hikes at the DMV and selling our personal information to private companies.

The reason I am posting now is because I found out something beyond corrupt about this whole situation, IQS - the firm this whole thing is about that's owned and run by Georgie Boy's comrade in Liverpool - never had a contracvt with the county and no record can be found of the county's dealing with them. George has let his best friend have access to each and everyone of our property, legal, credit card, banking and God know's what else information on good faith. Never brought it up to the legislature, never signed paperwork, just did it. Do you know what this company has been doing with it? I don't, these abstracting firms are all over the county and they can't be staying in business off $30,000 a year contracts with the county and legal property disputes. I've got a pretty good feeling that they have been selling off our information to corporations, marketing groups and those companies that you hear about whenever they get hacked that keep information on lieterally everything we do, every computer and screen name we own and use, and everything we are likely to do and all of our pass words and PIN numbers and ATM codes.

This is the biggest breach of my liberties that has probably ever happened, this corrupt demon has been selling all of my information to someone who we don't know what he's doing with it. IQS has no terms and no accountability, for all we know they are selling it to terrorists so that they can pull all the money from everyone in the County's bank accounts on the 4th of July to stick it to our freedom. Worst of all is Georgy isn't the only one doing shady business with them, Patty Ritchie actually had contracted IQS to do work for her county clerk's office in St. Lawrence County and I doubt she would do anything to harm the relationship she has with either a client of hers or the man housing her local office on our dime. Our last hope shockingly is with Bill Owens, I did not and still will not vote for him but he recently came out in support of TEA Party Senator Rand Paul's efforts to save our liberties before the President renewed the Patriot Act. So maybe Billie can give me a reason to stay home next fall.

I also really enjoy the part of the Post Standard article where Georgie's deputy, also named Georgie says while crying "this was all a big mistake we just shouldn't have done it" and Georgie Sr. says "I met with the FBI, they were nice people." What a fucking slickster. Call Patty Ritchie and tell her to stop spreading her legs for George Williams and IQS today! (315) 782-3418

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