Friday, May 13, 2011

Support Oswego County Business and Tourism, We Need It!

Patty Ritchie needs to support the Oswego County economy everytime there is an opportunity. When the she votes on the State vegetable (which is nonsense for the State to be voting on anyways, but if they must) she should vote for onions. We are one of the 10 largest onion producing counties in the nation and if New York is going to show that it is more than just New York City they should support the agriculture that works, which is much farming. I worked on a muck after I was out of high school and I know a lot of people who worked on mucks for there first jobs. Its hard work and the pay is cheap but its how we get by here and she needs to support our industry every chance she gets.

The thing that she is doing that really pisses me off is supporting Waddington as the Ultimate Fishing Town USA here: She should be supporting Pulaski, people travel from all over the country to go Salmon fishing in Pulaski, all anyone ever fishes for in Waddington is Carp and trout and nobody is every proud when they reel in a 8 oz carp after they traveled to Waddington in the frozen north, they just get dissapointed and never go back. I know why she's supporting it because she's from St. Lawrence County and I'm sure is proud to see a do-nothing, never-was town like Waddington get recognized by someone for something, regardless of if its desereved. But Pulaski is fishing and anyone across the country knows that Pulaski is where you go in the fall if you want to catch big, beatiful salmon and the place is always overflowing with sportsmen from across the country who love the fish there. No one does that in Waddington. And salmnon tastes better anyway.

Publicity is what Pulaski needs to stay on top and tourism dollars is what Oswego County needs, especially with our tax burden, which is much worse than ST. Lawrence County. We need people coming here and paying sales tax, St Lawrence doesn't they have border towns and Canadians go there anyway. No one ever travels to this county from outside of it, they go to Syracuse or the Adirondacks depending on what they want to do and its a shame that she is not supporting Oswego County tourism. Business is dying here, taxes are at a high and our economy needs a shot like nowhere else.

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  1. Sir, Pulaski was not nominated for the contest that I can remember. And if it was, it didn't get any support, or it would be in the running, too. Don't trash on another town for trying to better itself, for having community pride and spirit.

    Contrary to your statement, the banks of the St. Lawrence, and all of its tributaries throughout the county for that matter, are teeming with anglers, year-round. We in St. Lawrence County have been fishing for muskie, bass, walleye, and the laundry list of pan fish for hundreds of years. Carp is new....maybe its a passing fad, maybe not. But we are not all about carp. We love our area up here, just as you love yours. It is hurtful to read the things you wrote.

    Patty Ritchie supported Waddington because I took the initiative and asked for her support on behalf of the town. She then supported Ogdensburg, when they entered the competition. I can guarantee you, if Pulaski had asked, she would have written a letter of nomination for you as well.