Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrate Diversity!

I've been hearing a lot of talk at some of the places where I do business about celebrating diversity. We should all be happy that someone else is black or Mexican or whatever because it makes our lives a better place. That's all fine with me to a point, I am not against people being born black or Mexican or Slovakian, no one can control the color of the skin they were born with (except Michael Jackson and my Goddamn sister-in-law who's trying to look like a Puerto Rican whore with all of that tanning she does) and if I had to vote for president today I would probably vote for a black man(Cain not Obama). It's when people start telling me to celebrate it or even worse be happy about someone being different over the things that they can control. There are all sorts of laws in this state that say a man dressed as a woman can use a women's restroom so long as feels like he should be a woman, that's not OK, what if I wanted to dress like a woman and hide in the stalls trying to catch and rape every lady that came near and said that I was supposed to be a woman, I was just acting out against what God did to me when I was born, in New York I'd probably be set free and sent to a shrink twice a month.

There's one type of diversity that we REALLY SHOULD be celebrating though and we don't - economic diversity. We are ashamed of the money we have and let our government give it to those who have done nothing in their lifes to earn it. All sorts of walks of life are rich and poor and according to experts our economic diversity has grown over the last ten years to the credit of George Bush. We should celebrate what we have, it is hot today - I will spend it in an airconditioned workplace, in my air conditioned truck and my air conditioned home. It used to be that if you couldn't afford all of those things because you didn't work you didn't get to have them. Now with more people poor than their have been there is more air conditioning - I know because I install it for a living and you wouldn't beleive who can supposably afford central air. It used to be if you didn't buy AC you sat on your porch all day yelling at the feral dogs in your hellhole slum. Now if you can't afford it I get to pay for it with my tax dollars while you trade your food stamps for ice cream cones with your do nothin family.

We should move back to being the type of society that celebrated economic diversity. It used to be TV shows would make fun of people sittin on the porch trying to beat the heat but now we for some reason need to make sure that they keep their houses at 65. Its not fair and not what our founding fathers envisioned. The founders wanted this to be a free country where all walks of races, Christian faiths and economic classes could come here to try and earn something and make something out of their selves. Now we just hand it all away to them, let them eat McDonald's and Friendly's and Ice Cream Cones all day in their air conditions holes while I work to keep them afloat. Its ridiculous - HUD should be dismantled and people on it should be made to work and learn how to find pay, it should be limitied. For all of the supposed cutting our Governor is saying hes doing doing he already left his mark when he ran HUD for Bill Clinton and encouraged these types of people to leech off of the system until they were hospitalized for their unhealthy eating and lazy lifestyles and Medicaid takes over to pay the bills with my money again.

Let's repeal this nonsense and get backto being a great country!

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