Friday, March 2, 2012

Indoctrinating Children to ENVIRONMENTALISM!!!

This story angers me so deep to my core that my comments are gonna have to be kept short. The Post Standard has an article up about none other than Patty Ritchie reading THE LORAX to elementary school students. I remember being forced to read that book when I was a kid and let mke tell you it is all about environmental socialism. Its the most anti-capitalist, pro-every one that makes money off the land is a crooked thief piece of socialist garbage. That fruit Dr. Suess has already ruined my generation with his prescious feelings about saving the trees and teddyy bears from resourceful men looking to create wealth for themselves and by extension society.

Why on earth would Patty Ritchie be promoting such an anti-Upstate, pro-hug eacch other and live off of love and feelings message to kids who don't know any better. But for some reason she is doing it. Is Patty Ritchie an enviro-communist? Is her next move going to be to force big wind on us and tell our children that we are bad people because we don't want to ruin our skyline? That's what the last guy did and it got him nowhere!

When Andrew Cuomo raises taxes on gasoline or requires gas companies to add more engine destroying ethanol to their gasoline so that the trees will breath better, is she going to be a rubber stamp? Get your priorities straight, dammit. You were elected as a Conservative and you were endorsed by the Taxpayers. Last time I heard neither group where fans of the socio-environ-fascist-NYC-hand-job-Tree-hugging cabal of people that wouldn't know work if you called it food stamps and peace signs.

For those interested here is green eggs and ham herself ruining your children for you

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Late Valentine for the Overtaxed

I've been laying low for the last few months, I was called in to work on the road and I gladly bit at the oppertunity to head down south for the winter where hard work is rewarded with honest pay and encouraged with fewer union regs. When I came back, I expected to see some news about getting my STAR rebate back this year, but I didn's see a thing. In fact, All I could find was one story from Watertown about Mrs. Ritchie's poor efforts on getting me my money back. This belated Valentine really shows how much those in Albany care about me and my kind upstate.

I don't understand how the law-making process works out in Albany. What I do know is two or three years ago I stopped getting this check back from the state because they wanted to keep the money. Patty Ritchie showed up at my door and told me that the DEMOCRAT in office go rid of it and that the first thing she was going to do was get us our money back so that the state would stop using it for the greater good.

And here we are a year n a half in and she's done nothing. She has an interest in her conference of doing something some day, but doesn't know where to get the money from to give me my money back at the end of the year. Here's a newsflash, you don't need to find a funding source to give me my money back. I am your funding source and I want you to cut the line and give us overtaxed what was once ours. And quit promoting "Enhanced STAR" like its the same thing as regular STAR, its not, and you've done nothing but remind old folks to get it, its the same thing that its always been, no change at all and no input from you.

Patty Ritchie and Governor Cuomo brag about doing all sorts of good for the taxpayers. They passed a property tax cap, but my County overrode it and they can raise taxes again. These people claim to be different, claim they care about us struggling upstaters who are overtaxed and live in a resource poor area where we pay bankers taxes on our homes that are nothin more than shacks and lean-tos. But all they really are is the same monster with a different face, they pass all sorts of feel good laws, saying that life will get better for us, they want kick us in the teeth again and then they pass all sorts of crap that either punches us in the mouth or says that the County has to do it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrate Diversity!

I've been hearing a lot of talk at some of the places where I do business about celebrating diversity. We should all be happy that someone else is black or Mexican or whatever because it makes our lives a better place. That's all fine with me to a point, I am not against people being born black or Mexican or Slovakian, no one can control the color of the skin they were born with (except Michael Jackson and my Goddamn sister-in-law who's trying to look like a Puerto Rican whore with all of that tanning she does) and if I had to vote for president today I would probably vote for a black man(Cain not Obama). It's when people start telling me to celebrate it or even worse be happy about someone being different over the things that they can control. There are all sorts of laws in this state that say a man dressed as a woman can use a women's restroom so long as feels like he should be a woman, that's not OK, what if I wanted to dress like a woman and hide in the stalls trying to catch and rape every lady that came near and said that I was supposed to be a woman, I was just acting out against what God did to me when I was born, in New York I'd probably be set free and sent to a shrink twice a month.

There's one type of diversity that we REALLY SHOULD be celebrating though and we don't - economic diversity. We are ashamed of the money we have and let our government give it to those who have done nothing in their lifes to earn it. All sorts of walks of life are rich and poor and according to experts our economic diversity has grown over the last ten years to the credit of George Bush. We should celebrate what we have, it is hot today - I will spend it in an airconditioned workplace, in my air conditioned truck and my air conditioned home. It used to be that if you couldn't afford all of those things because you didn't work you didn't get to have them. Now with more people poor than their have been there is more air conditioning - I know because I install it for a living and you wouldn't beleive who can supposably afford central air. It used to be if you didn't buy AC you sat on your porch all day yelling at the feral dogs in your hellhole slum. Now if you can't afford it I get to pay for it with my tax dollars while you trade your food stamps for ice cream cones with your do nothin family.

We should move back to being the type of society that celebrated economic diversity. It used to be TV shows would make fun of people sittin on the porch trying to beat the heat but now we for some reason need to make sure that they keep their houses at 65. Its not fair and not what our founding fathers envisioned. The founders wanted this to be a free country where all walks of races, Christian faiths and economic classes could come here to try and earn something and make something out of their selves. Now we just hand it all away to them, let them eat McDonald's and Friendly's and Ice Cream Cones all day in their air conditions holes while I work to keep them afloat. Its ridiculous - HUD should be dismantled and people on it should be made to work and learn how to find pay, it should be limitied. For all of the supposed cutting our Governor is saying hes doing doing he already left his mark when he ran HUD for Bill Clinton and encouraged these types of people to leech off of the system until they were hospitalized for their unhealthy eating and lazy lifestyles and Medicaid takes over to pay the bills with my money again.

Let's repeal this nonsense and get backto being a great country!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

George Williams and My Liberties

As many of you know last week the FBI started an investigation of County Clerk George Williams. Many have beaten me to the punch on talking about it, but it was because I didn't care. Why on Earth would I be surprised that George Williams, the man who has purged several members of my family from the County Republican Party over his disagreements with them and who has ran the Clerk's office for over 30 years by blocking anyone from primarying him from the only credible party (the Republicans) that this county has because he has been the party chair, would be less than above boards with his dealings?

Of course he's corrupt, we asked for it. Everytime someone went to a County Committee meeting and feared standing up to the man because he could expel them the party they invited this kind of corruption of government. He's never had to deal with being in the minority party because democrats don't live here, which I am more than ok with considering the kind of filth that they generally support. But our party gladly stood behind him each and everytime he said "I'm going to fuck each and everyone of you in the face and ask you to think me," with his price hikes at the DMV and selling our personal information to private companies.

The reason I am posting now is because I found out something beyond corrupt about this whole situation, IQS - the firm this whole thing is about that's owned and run by Georgie Boy's comrade in Liverpool - never had a contracvt with the county and no record can be found of the county's dealing with them. George has let his best friend have access to each and everyone of our property, legal, credit card, banking and God know's what else information on good faith. Never brought it up to the legislature, never signed paperwork, just did it. Do you know what this company has been doing with it? I don't, these abstracting firms are all over the county and they can't be staying in business off $30,000 a year contracts with the county and legal property disputes. I've got a pretty good feeling that they have been selling off our information to corporations, marketing groups and those companies that you hear about whenever they get hacked that keep information on lieterally everything we do, every computer and screen name we own and use, and everything we are likely to do and all of our pass words and PIN numbers and ATM codes.

This is the biggest breach of my liberties that has probably ever happened, this corrupt demon has been selling all of my information to someone who we don't know what he's doing with it. IQS has no terms and no accountability, for all we know they are selling it to terrorists so that they can pull all the money from everyone in the County's bank accounts on the 4th of July to stick it to our freedom. Worst of all is Georgy isn't the only one doing shady business with them, Patty Ritchie actually had contracted IQS to do work for her county clerk's office in St. Lawrence County and I doubt she would do anything to harm the relationship she has with either a client of hers or the man housing her local office on our dime. Our last hope shockingly is with Bill Owens, I did not and still will not vote for him but he recently came out in support of TEA Party Senator Rand Paul's efforts to save our liberties before the President renewed the Patriot Act. So maybe Billie can give me a reason to stay home next fall.

I also really enjoy the part of the Post Standard article where Georgie's deputy, also named Georgie says while crying "this was all a big mistake we just shouldn't have done it" and Georgie Sr. says "I met with the FBI, they were nice people." What a fucking slickster. Call Patty Ritchie and tell her to stop spreading her legs for George Williams and IQS today! (315) 782-3418

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day, Let's Celebrate Our Freedom While We Have It!

As many of you are aware, our gun rights are under attack again in New York State and the liberals in this State have decided that there is no better time to do this than when me and my family are celebrating the remaining freedoms that our forefathers died for. Apparently the microstamping bill is back, I've already been notified by the NRA about this terrible bill and its consequences for my freedom. If you don't remember this is the bill that said we would have to fork over 10 bucks per gun we owned to get the hammer branded with an individual fingerprint. The idea being that gun criminals will be caught because their bullets are unique and registered under their name. Because you know, illegal gun owners who use guns to kill people in cold blood are gonna go right down to whover the hell does this and pay good money to stay above boards on their slaughtering.

I own a lot of guns and live by the motto, if you break into my castle, you deserve what's comin' to you. I don't lock my doors, I let my dogs roam the lawn and I've yet to get stolen from. But say I'm away on a business trip and say I forked over the over thousand dollars to comply with the law on my guns and say I only brought my pistol with me while traveling. That leaves a lot of guns at my house and my wife's not strong and she sure as shit knows not to lock the doors on my house while I'm away because I don't carry keys and I don't ask permission to get back in my house. So I have all these guns that are ripe for the pickin' and if some bad guys kill my wife, kids and dogs to get 'em then I've got a real problem. They're gonna kill more people with these new guns they got that say I was the one killin' all those people. Or worse yet say they don't kill my family and were all covert about it and no one knows all these guns are gone and they kill people before a get back and I get back to hearing that I'm wanted for mass murder.

So now New York has made me pay them a lot of money to be arrested for being the serial killer that I'm not, why the hell would I comply? Who would comply, I'm a gun owner and the constitution has a second ammendment so that I can fight against them when they infringe on my God given rights. It's right there in the constitution - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, if you try to take the last two away from me you'll have to take away the first to.

Its not all doom and gloom though. The Senate hasn't passed the microstamping bill and the Governor hasn't signed it, but I can tell he wants to, along with that Mayor in New York, I can see the pleasure they get from hurtin' Upstate passtimes in there eyes. Call Senator Patty Ritchie and tell her that you oppose this bill her number is (315) 782-3418. She got a A rating from the NRA, she's sold out on a lot of other issues but she can't sell out on this issue, this bill more than any other comes into conflict with how our Founding Fathers' saw the God given freedom of people like us. The last guy was against it and the NRA endorsed him, if she waffles on this I can tell you that I will regret voting last fall.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Start Cutting the Useless Laws, Not Making More of them

I've been reading about Patty's most recent bill that she's putting through the Senate called "Mark's Law." This law came about because an EMT up North was shot by a lunatic he was trying to save, shouldn't have happened, the man should go to jail, get raped, beat and face the same justice that you or I would face if we did the exact same thing to anyone with the same mentality and motivations. Unfortunalely Patty Ritchie feels that this is a perfect excuse to say that "first responders" are worth more to society than you or I. While they do important things, like one could argue mayors and Senators do, they aren't worth any more than you or me or an unborn child.

Casting distinctions between human's worth is criminal and its precisely what's wrong with abortion. Real Pro-lifers everywhere feel that aborting a child should be punished exactly the same way killing your child because you didn't feel it was necessary to parent it it would be punished. Now as a society we, for some reason are setting up three classes of people - fetuses, the lowest class - most people, the middle class, and public servants, but especially first responders, the upper class, first tier, Brahmin preist class. When you divide people based on their worth you are supporting eugenics, people that abort are less educated and lower IQed and their kids (that they've ritually sacrificed for the D'nC) would've been too, people that are first responders are well educated, high IQ fast on their feet people. We want everyone to be smart, right? Punishing the lower class so that they won't breed and saying that the upper class is worth more is not the way to do it, letting people kill themselves off by stupid actions is. You know who believes in this sort of ftuff? evolutionists. You know who tried to build societies like this Nazi's, Soviets, the French before the rvolution and slave owners in the South. Republicans don't support nonsense like this, we freed the slaves to let them try to work their way through society, Democrats are the ones who said let's get 'em on affirmative action so they can make more money faster even though they don't deserve the work any merits and we are hurting society. I could go on for days about how immoral valuing the worth of one life over another is, but primarily its unChristian in everyway.

There is also the argument that we pay these first responders through taxes and health insurance and that they are already getting an inflated sense of worth by taking tax dollars from us when we don't need it. My friends that live and pay taxes in the City of Oswego can tell you that the last thing they need to pay for is more cops and firefighters, especially not cops and firefighters that are valued by society like golden calves, while the rest of us lose out on our income to pay their way, our children go hungry or our idiot in-laws ABORT their chidlren because they fear they'd go hungry.

There's all sorts of laws on the books she should be working to get rid of, liek the ban on outdoor woodboilers (I thought the last guy fixed that, the State's saying I have till June to get rid of mine) or all sorts of other laws telling me how I can and can't parent. Or better yet all of the worthless laws that make New York stop number one one the trail of tears that so many unborn march on and let my sister-in-law think that even though she's married, works full time and is married to a good, wage-earning man who busts his ass day in, day out to support her that she can go to a doctor to get her "lady-problems" taken care of and that I have know right to tell her what I think about it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Support Oswego County Business and Tourism, We Need It!

Patty Ritchie needs to support the Oswego County economy everytime there is an opportunity. When the she votes on the State vegetable (which is nonsense for the State to be voting on anyways, but if they must) she should vote for onions. We are one of the 10 largest onion producing counties in the nation and if New York is going to show that it is more than just New York City they should support the agriculture that works, which is much farming. I worked on a muck after I was out of high school and I know a lot of people who worked on mucks for there first jobs. Its hard work and the pay is cheap but its how we get by here and she needs to support our industry every chance she gets.

The thing that she is doing that really pisses me off is supporting Waddington as the Ultimate Fishing Town USA here: She should be supporting Pulaski, people travel from all over the country to go Salmon fishing in Pulaski, all anyone ever fishes for in Waddington is Carp and trout and nobody is every proud when they reel in a 8 oz carp after they traveled to Waddington in the frozen north, they just get dissapointed and never go back. I know why she's supporting it because she's from St. Lawrence County and I'm sure is proud to see a do-nothing, never-was town like Waddington get recognized by someone for something, regardless of if its desereved. But Pulaski is fishing and anyone across the country knows that Pulaski is where you go in the fall if you want to catch big, beatiful salmon and the place is always overflowing with sportsmen from across the country who love the fish there. No one does that in Waddington. And salmnon tastes better anyway.

Publicity is what Pulaski needs to stay on top and tourism dollars is what Oswego County needs, especially with our tax burden, which is much worse than ST. Lawrence County. We need people coming here and paying sales tax, St Lawrence doesn't they have border towns and Canadians go there anyway. No one ever travels to this county from outside of it, they go to Syracuse or the Adirondacks depending on what they want to do and its a shame that she is not supporting Oswego County tourism. Business is dying here, taxes are at a high and our economy needs a shot like nowhere else.