Thursday, December 9, 2010

22 Days: Cautious Concern

There were 2 articles that popped up in my google alerts this morning that have me worried about the direction Senator Patty Ritchie might be taking, but it may just be that I'm still learning the ropes of government and I may not be understanding what's going on. The first artice from the Watertown paper is here: and the one from a New York magazine is here:

The first article scares me a bit because she says that she is going to open up three offices across her district and that has to be expensive. I'm glad that she plans on having an office in Oswego to hear our concerns,  I just think it's going to cost us alot of money. On the other hand she is only hirinf three people to work for her which is good news for us Taxpayers, I just hope she doesn't use all of the $350,000 that she was given, I know she won't, no one is worth that much money on top of the salary they are already getting. It's what these people do though, they open up loads of offices and spend all of our money on mail that says they care about me so I vote for them again, well news flash I only voted because you said you weren't the type to do this. So that's my new goal for her: don't waste my money on self promotion. Because I can tell you this, if you are spending my money trying to convince me you are looking out for my money, there's no way in hell I'd ever trust you with it again.

With the next article I have already talked about how Patty shouldn't be talking to liberal lamestream media about anything, especially when they are some magazine in New York City that I'm sure advocates for my "right" to marry my shoe. So I'm all on board for Patty not playing their game, she should only be talking to the public through fair media like the Internet. She's a tech smart person, she has a friendly facebook page that she was keeping us updated on during the campaign and she'll get back into gear with it soon and that's the ONLY media she should use. Maybe she can trust the Syracuse paper they did endorse her after all because she was going to put the state on the right track, but still all papers are written by the college types who feel they need to "change" the world - change is in quotes because like Obama they feel it means taking all of my change along with my gun and freedom to make a progressive, socialist heaven right here in America.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

24 Days: Don't let the Mainstream Media make you into someone you aren't

A friend of mine sent me this link this morning and told me to pay close attention to the bottom: For those of you who don't have time to read the whole thing I'll sum it up with the quote from the end, "He (Ball) was one of only two incoming senators to refuse an introductory CapTon interview. (The other was Senator-elect Patricia Ritchie, who defeated Democratic Sen. Darrel Aubertine, and is apparently a little camera shy)."

The lamestream media is already trying to frame Patty's refusal to play their game as a weakness of her character instead of a criticism of how they deal. Patty isn't going on the news to answer their questions because she's the only TEA party candidate to win in this State and the only candidate that wants to stand up for taxpayers. Any question they ask her will always be done to make it look like she's against the children or working families or against the poor. Well the real answer is she's not against children she's against teachers and their union thug bosses and she better be against the Working Families - who by the way don't work and have their families spread across this State and where ever they came from before they chose to feed off of our fat government and she's against the government forcing the poor not to work for their money - newflash folks you need to work to get paid or you'll never want to work when you can just get "free money" not working.

The media does this to every woman who really cares about the hardworking people they want to represent - look what they always say about Sarah Palin or that lady from Delaware - it's all lies to make them look like the bad guys when really the bad guys are whoever is buying all of this media and forcing them to be so liberal. They should have to tell the truth of the story not the spin the unions want them to.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

29 Days: Don't Let it Happen Again!

Outside of raising taxes and spendng last year, the worst thing New York state did was close Fort Ontario to save pennies. There are very few things that state government "gives" us that are actually worth it and Fort Ontario and the other state parks are certainly worth it. They must have had to pay equal what they saved not mowing the lawn for a month in moving all the valuable stuff out of their and chaining off the entrance back in April. And how much can it possibly cost to keep that place open, there's no heat, no electric, you just need to pay a groundsman part-time to keep the facility looking alright but I'm sure it being New York they have a crew of 20 CSEA members sitting around all day playing cards and driving around in State vehicles all day on my dime just like they do at the college. Here's a better idea fire all of the union members and hire a contractor to mow the lawn! don't close the park, it's public land and the public has a right to it, do they have any idea how many men died for their country there? - of course not! And do you know why they died for their country? so that we could have the ability to live free! It's such a contradiction - take away my freedom to appreciate what America's bravest did to protect it!

If I haven't been clear enough that means my goal for Senator Patty Ritchie is: do not close parks so that you don't have to cut real spending. I expect her to protect our history and freedom, and she has the support of Taxpayers on this - all she has to do is ask us for support and she's got it. I know she's smart enough not to let this happen again, there's a lot of history where she's from and she understands what happened at places like the Fort.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Days: Meeting Senator Patty Ritchie

I met Patty at Harborfest in Breitbeck Park. Shortly after Darrell Aubertine and Will Barclay gave us their blessing to have a Harborfest from onstage, I met a nice woman in the crowd who asked me to sign her petition. She said that she wanted to run as the Taxpayer candidate and needed my signature in order to run. I told her no thanks, I don't really do the hole political thing and I hadn't even voted until the Hoffman race in 2009. But then she went down the list of inhumane taxes that those two apes on stage felt I needed to pay so that they wouldn't have to tell the public employees that they wouldn't be getting raises or that the criminals in the City that they would have to work to feed their McDonalds loving guts. She told me that they felt I needed to pay some 150-odd new taxes, and that's just from what they did in 2010 alone. I was mad, I was angry, I felt like I had to do something, so I told her I would sign her petition and I would tell everyone I knew that they needed to vote for her if we ever wanted our government to work in this State. The thing that impressed me the most about her was that while she was telling me all of this awful stuff that Albany did she was calm, she was like a teacher reading a picture book to a class. Let me tell you I couldn't do that, I'd be yelling, I'd be angry, I'd certainly scare away every voter around.

So that's how I know Patty and also is my first goal for her: don't make taxpayers do your job for you. That means cut spending and cut taxes. I heard Carl Paladino say over the summer that if he were the Governor, the first thing he would do is cut spending 20% and cut taxes 10%. I want to see Patty make sure that both things happen. Carl's out, but because of people like me she ran as the Taxpayer candidate and won, and I don't have a doubt in my mind that she will show up everyday to do her job.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 DAYS !!!!

With December starting tomorrow that means we have only 31 days until Donkey Darrel is outta office. Finaly we will have someone in office who will actually get rid of all these ridiculos taxes in this welfare state. I'm sick and tired of having to pay more than anyone else in the country just to live here and I am certain that with Patty Ritchie representing us in the Senate, we will be able to afford to live around here.

I'm writing this blog to keep track of what Senator Ritchie is doing for us and making sure she stays honest, but she doesn't seem the type to break her word. I voted for the first time in 2009, told all my friends and family to vote for Patty Ritchie in 2010, and now I'm helping her out by saying what she's done. As I start this blog going I'm going to come up with a list of goals that we want the Senator to do based on what she promised us. I look forward to living in a more free New York where we stop letting people live off the government!!! Our government is supposed to be "of, for, and by the people" not of incompetence, for New York City and publice employee unions, and by special interests! I look forward to following our new Senator's doings in Albany.