Friday, May 20, 2011

Start Cutting the Useless Laws, Not Making More of them

I've been reading about Patty's most recent bill that she's putting through the Senate called "Mark's Law." This law came about because an EMT up North was shot by a lunatic he was trying to save, shouldn't have happened, the man should go to jail, get raped, beat and face the same justice that you or I would face if we did the exact same thing to anyone with the same mentality and motivations. Unfortunalely Patty Ritchie feels that this is a perfect excuse to say that "first responders" are worth more to society than you or I. While they do important things, like one could argue mayors and Senators do, they aren't worth any more than you or me or an unborn child.

Casting distinctions between human's worth is criminal and its precisely what's wrong with abortion. Real Pro-lifers everywhere feel that aborting a child should be punished exactly the same way killing your child because you didn't feel it was necessary to parent it it would be punished. Now as a society we, for some reason are setting up three classes of people - fetuses, the lowest class - most people, the middle class, and public servants, but especially first responders, the upper class, first tier, Brahmin preist class. When you divide people based on their worth you are supporting eugenics, people that abort are less educated and lower IQed and their kids (that they've ritually sacrificed for the D'nC) would've been too, people that are first responders are well educated, high IQ fast on their feet people. We want everyone to be smart, right? Punishing the lower class so that they won't breed and saying that the upper class is worth more is not the way to do it, letting people kill themselves off by stupid actions is. You know who believes in this sort of ftuff? evolutionists. You know who tried to build societies like this Nazi's, Soviets, the French before the rvolution and slave owners in the South. Republicans don't support nonsense like this, we freed the slaves to let them try to work their way through society, Democrats are the ones who said let's get 'em on affirmative action so they can make more money faster even though they don't deserve the work any merits and we are hurting society. I could go on for days about how immoral valuing the worth of one life over another is, but primarily its unChristian in everyway.

There is also the argument that we pay these first responders through taxes and health insurance and that they are already getting an inflated sense of worth by taking tax dollars from us when we don't need it. My friends that live and pay taxes in the City of Oswego can tell you that the last thing they need to pay for is more cops and firefighters, especially not cops and firefighters that are valued by society like golden calves, while the rest of us lose out on our income to pay their way, our children go hungry or our idiot in-laws ABORT their chidlren because they fear they'd go hungry.

There's all sorts of laws on the books she should be working to get rid of, liek the ban on outdoor woodboilers (I thought the last guy fixed that, the State's saying I have till June to get rid of mine) or all sorts of other laws telling me how I can and can't parent. Or better yet all of the worthless laws that make New York stop number one one the trail of tears that so many unborn march on and let my sister-in-law think that even though she's married, works full time and is married to a good, wage-earning man who busts his ass day in, day out to support her that she can go to a doctor to get her "lady-problems" taken care of and that I have know right to tell her what I think about it.


  1. Why don't you get off your ass, or at least your computer, and stop complaining. Do something besides hide behind your keyboard and computer screen.

    Mark's Law is about volunteers taking risks that the normal person would not... Do you volunteer? For anything? Probably not. You sit there with your hand out, expecting everyone to hand you everything instead of putting forth some effort and getting it yourself.

    You are a joke. Here's a tin foil hat. Wear it with pride.

  2. Hide behind a computer? you're the one who is all Mr. Anonymous, you don't even have a blog for me to comment on. And I do do plenty of things, I'm an earner in our society, one of the last in Oswego and you tell me to get off my computer, I almost never post because I have better shit to do. When I do post its because I fear for what our government is doing to my freedoms. And I did volunteer, for Patty in fact because she was the golden child the taxpayer advocate who stood up for the little guy against big government before and who would do it when she got to Albany. Well guess what? I was foolish and naive and didn't realize that she was so inexperienced that handlers would scoop her up and sell her our to the corrupt communo-corporate RepubliCrat machine in Albany as soon as she got there. She still has a chance to be a good Senator for the taxpayers, but the more she distracts with feel-good bills that strip freedoms and give more rights to those with power instead of repealing senseless laws then the more she loses my trust, confidence and vote next fall. Unless she turns her act around I'm going to register as a Republican and vote in the primary for a tougher, more experienced conservative from Oswego COunty like Eric Behling who has considered running for that seat in the past.