Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day, Let's Celebrate Our Freedom While We Have It!

As many of you are aware, our gun rights are under attack again in New York State and the liberals in this State have decided that there is no better time to do this than when me and my family are celebrating the remaining freedoms that our forefathers died for. Apparently the microstamping bill is back, I've already been notified by the NRA about this terrible bill and its consequences for my freedom. If you don't remember this is the bill that said we would have to fork over 10 bucks per gun we owned to get the hammer branded with an individual fingerprint. The idea being that gun criminals will be caught because their bullets are unique and registered under their name. Because you know, illegal gun owners who use guns to kill people in cold blood are gonna go right down to whover the hell does this and pay good money to stay above boards on their slaughtering.

I own a lot of guns and live by the motto, if you break into my castle, you deserve what's comin' to you. I don't lock my doors, I let my dogs roam the lawn and I've yet to get stolen from. But say I'm away on a business trip and say I forked over the over thousand dollars to comply with the law on my guns and say I only brought my pistol with me while traveling. That leaves a lot of guns at my house and my wife's not strong and she sure as shit knows not to lock the doors on my house while I'm away because I don't carry keys and I don't ask permission to get back in my house. So I have all these guns that are ripe for the pickin' and if some bad guys kill my wife, kids and dogs to get 'em then I've got a real problem. They're gonna kill more people with these new guns they got that say I was the one killin' all those people. Or worse yet say they don't kill my family and were all covert about it and no one knows all these guns are gone and they kill people before a get back and I get back to hearing that I'm wanted for mass murder.

So now New York has made me pay them a lot of money to be arrested for being the serial killer that I'm not, why the hell would I comply? Who would comply, I'm a gun owner and the constitution has a second ammendment so that I can fight against them when they infringe on my God given rights. It's right there in the constitution - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, if you try to take the last two away from me you'll have to take away the first to.

Its not all doom and gloom though. The Senate hasn't passed the microstamping bill and the Governor hasn't signed it, but I can tell he wants to, along with that Mayor in New York, I can see the pleasure they get from hurtin' Upstate passtimes in there eyes. Call Senator Patty Ritchie and tell her that you oppose this bill her number is (315) 782-3418. She got a A rating from the NRA, she's sold out on a lot of other issues but she can't sell out on this issue, this bill more than any other comes into conflict with how our Founding Fathers' saw the God given freedom of people like us. The last guy was against it and the NRA endorsed him, if she waffles on this I can tell you that I will regret voting last fall.

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