Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Small Business Closes

This story is sad and is another sign of the state of Oswego County. What I think is the only record store in the County (maybe, I don't exactly frequent these places) is closing today and the owner is apparently going to be homeless because he lives there. Record stores have there own problems, I don't think my kids have ever been to one and I haven't set foot in one in at least 15 years, but it's sad to see Oswego County completely pull away from an industry like it is doing today.

The solution to the problem is tax rates, at the State level we need to cut taxes, cut taxes and cut taxes so that our small businesses can survive in down times, which are here for the long term as businesses like Birdseye flee the area, and more people lose their income or choose to go on Unemployment. That's why Patty Ritchie and her colleagues need to zero out small business taxes for the coming year at least until the employment rate is what it used to be, make cuts to next year's welfare, unemployment and Medicaid because if Small Businesses are able to make it through this downturn, they will be able to hire again and welfare, unemployment and Medicaid will be irrelevant.

Its too late for Mr. Webb and his store, but there are other small business sectors that Oswego County has that are locally owned and operated: construction, grocery stores, drug stores, etc. that don't need to be killed by taxes.

See the story here: http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wrvo/news.newsmain/article/0/0/1794144/More.News.From.WRVO/The.End.of.The.Disc.Connection

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fight for the REAL Working Families

Even though the State has passed the budget, for some reason the Governor and Legislature have 2 more moths left to effect how we live in New York. With all that free time it makes me nervous what a guy like Cuomo could do. I'm also pretty uneasy about how the Long Island and New York City Republican Senators and the remaining democrats could probably get together and force upstate to keep paying the majority of this State's bills.

I keep hearing about gay marriagew this and civil union that on blogs and in papers, but I hear nothing about a local tax cap. The State already caved on cutting education fundign like they orginaly said they were going to and spent some $200 Million more than they were going to which was still to high and not one person, not one said if we are gonna tax give all this money to school's why don't we make sure they won't raise there taxes this year. Last year I even gotta letter from the last guy and his evil Democratic bosses aying they wanted to do it. This year nothing.

What I keep hearing though is that New York wants to legalize gay marriage. This will not create one single job Upstate, you know why? because there aren't gay people here, I do not know one single gay person, not that I work with, not that goes ot MY church, not that teaches my kids or serves me beer. You know where they all do live manhaten. This is just another ploy to boost business downstate, while saying that my loving marriage to my third wife is equal to their sinful lifestyle and are State not only officialy agrees but they say I should feel ashamed about my opinion.
I know Patty Ritchie won't sell my family out, I would not have supported her in the fall if I knew she was going to extremes that not even the donkey before her went to. What has me worried is that she is apparently close to that DEDEDE the RINO Queen who is all for this. I know she will spend the remainder of her term making life better for Upstate, not ignoring our needs and troubles for "feel good" downstate "civil rights" campaigns. That is all a load of shit so bad and you know it and I know it that none of us are effected by any of it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Win for the Children

Yesterday Patty Ritchie shut down the nanny state. Now my boy will be able to do what he wants to do at recess and at in the park. We don't have to worry about what the government says about kids playing tough on the playground because Patty the Pitbull wants the government to know we won't let our kids be coddled. After Patty had a unexpected hard tough interview on Fox the government stopped saying what my boy can and can't do to other students. Patty gave nonensense common sense parents like me a vote of reassurance yesterday.

From what I read this is Patty's 3rd triumph over government regulations in this state after the new license plates, which she outlawed or something and food safety. Now the mrs. can put what I want in the food when its our family's turn to bring food to school functions and my kid can fight how he wants to at school. Thank you Patty for shutting these fools and their rules down.

Now lets have a win for the adults. Lets get down to job creastion the way we should by deregulating and untaxing everything in New York. Lets stop making employers buy insurance for their employees or lets repeal Obamacare, we can't have people creating jobs in New York if the workers keep taking from profits, costs will go down when people have to pay for it themselves. Cut the tax rate for businesses and all earners, make all welfare mothers take drug tests, kick failing students out of public schools so that I don't have to pay school taxes for their dumb 15 year old ass to be babysat, cut teacher pay, make all state retirees pay taxes on their income and stop letting new people into the program. We have to be a state that makes stuff again or every company is going to go the way of Birdseye, to places where the bosses are leaders not the worker.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Way to stick it to the MSM!!

I just saw on Newzjunky that Senator Patty Ritchie will shove it hard down the Mainstream Media elites' throats by appearing on Fox News today at 11:30. What had been a slow work week, not many people are upgrading their Central Air systems in April, especially not given our county's unemployment rate and fuel prices, has delivered a pretty decent afternoon for myself. According to the link, she will be discussing her war on imasculating our children. This is exactly the type of no nonsense, common sense fighting we need from our representatives, give 'em hell Patty!

From what I understand the state wants to outlaw red rover on playgrounds. I find that interesting because when my boy was playing kickball in the park 5 years back, I tried convincing him and the other kids to start running at each other and tackling (just like red rover) and quit paying pussy soccer-baseball, some other parents didn't like what I was doing and the cops were called. Well guess what Nanny State, it wasn't even illegal and with representation like Patty, its never gonna be illegal. Kids should be playing rough games from an earlier age, this is why the NFL isn't filled with white guys from the North like it used to be, we've stopped teaching our kids to be tough and our culture is paying a price for it. From an early age I've taught my kid to be tough like a man, other parents, teachers and the State didn't agree but Patty sure as hell agrees with how I parent and our kids' rights to pound the snot out of each other.

This is exactly what Patty should be fighting for because if we are ver going to make stuff again, we need tough kids who won't be afraid to work in a factory without having benefits or who demand going to college despite the fact that they're dumb as shit, like most of them are. This isn't stimulus this is long-term job growth, thank you for fighting for us and for giving the MSM the 1-2 by going to Fox News instead of: The Post Standard, The Pall-Times, The Watertown Daily Times, The Valley News, The Ogdensburg Journal, Oswego County Today, Channels 3, 5, 9 and 10 down here, WRVO, WSYR or any other local MSM, the people you really represent only get their news on Fox News and blogs, you're doing the right thing. They won't try and get around the point of what you're doing like everyone else will by asking things like what are you doing to improve joblessness in your district? when are you holding meetings about that plant that's leaving your district? or incredible liberal nonsense liek "why are you cutting education funding when your region is so reliant on it and letting the top tax rate expire?" We all know the answer to all of those - that's irresponsible.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Day Oswego County Died

I have been away for a while, some commenters led me to beleive that maybe I was holding our newly elected Senator to an unreachable standard, that my writing abilities showed how stupid common sense conservatives like myself really are (I was an honor role student in high school, I didn't go to college because my family couldn't afford it, thank you), and that my ideals are not something that any government wants to acknowledge.

Well, Patty and readers I am back and critics be damned, my voice will not be silenced! Our County was dealt the worst blos its seen in a very, very long time today. The Birdseye Plant in Fulton is closing, some of the last people in the County (besides Novelis) that mass produce a real thing you can hold in your hands for our Nation to buy will be moving to Wisconsin. Patty Ritchie we are dying here and its time the State finally did something good for the working men and women.

Its no coincidence that Wisconsin was chosen by Pinnacle Foods as the home of their new plant because as every non-union working man in the Republic is well aware, taxpayer funded unions were just outlawed there and for good reason. After the government, unions are the main barrier between the common man and liberty, they keep the longest serving, highest paying members employed and reward them first for their work, regardless of their contribution becasue they are the ones who repeatedly vote for corrupt union bosses. We witness everyday the disgustingly high standards that union employees set for themselves, the real reason health care costs in our (once)great nation is because all union employees demand that their bosses pay for their insurance, it doesn't matter how much it costs because they aren't the ones paying it, the taxpayers and consumers are.

Senator Patty Ritchie I am pleading with you and all of the other Senators, do what you can to prove that Upstate will no longer be safe for unions, give Pinnacle a reason to stay. While Wisonsin may still have private unions, Pinnacle knows that they are next to be outlawed and that's why they are moving there. No company can make a profit when all 250 of their employees demand that their asses be wiped daily by the boss, that's not how business works and that cannot be how America works. Until we do something in New York, employers will flee to places like Wisocnsin where they know that workers will appreciate the opportunities that are given to them and will work to earn themselves a better life.

Patty, do what you can to make this company stay here for another year, pay them off if you must with tax breaks and "grants" and spend the next year fighting to show these people that Upstate can make things again!