Friday, March 2, 2012

Indoctrinating Children to ENVIRONMENTALISM!!!

This story angers me so deep to my core that my comments are gonna have to be kept short. The Post Standard has an article up about none other than Patty Ritchie reading THE LORAX to elementary school students. I remember being forced to read that book when I was a kid and let mke tell you it is all about environmental socialism. Its the most anti-capitalist, pro-every one that makes money off the land is a crooked thief piece of socialist garbage. That fruit Dr. Suess has already ruined my generation with his prescious feelings about saving the trees and teddyy bears from resourceful men looking to create wealth for themselves and by extension society.

Why on earth would Patty Ritchie be promoting such an anti-Upstate, pro-hug eacch other and live off of love and feelings message to kids who don't know any better. But for some reason she is doing it. Is Patty Ritchie an enviro-communist? Is her next move going to be to force big wind on us and tell our children that we are bad people because we don't want to ruin our skyline? That's what the last guy did and it got him nowhere!

When Andrew Cuomo raises taxes on gasoline or requires gas companies to add more engine destroying ethanol to their gasoline so that the trees will breath better, is she going to be a rubber stamp? Get your priorities straight, dammit. You were elected as a Conservative and you were endorsed by the Taxpayers. Last time I heard neither group where fans of the socio-environ-fascist-NYC-hand-job-Tree-hugging cabal of people that wouldn't know work if you called it food stamps and peace signs.

For those interested here is green eggs and ham herself ruining your children for you

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Late Valentine for the Overtaxed

I've been laying low for the last few months, I was called in to work on the road and I gladly bit at the oppertunity to head down south for the winter where hard work is rewarded with honest pay and encouraged with fewer union regs. When I came back, I expected to see some news about getting my STAR rebate back this year, but I didn's see a thing. In fact, All I could find was one story from Watertown about Mrs. Ritchie's poor efforts on getting me my money back. This belated Valentine really shows how much those in Albany care about me and my kind upstate.

I don't understand how the law-making process works out in Albany. What I do know is two or three years ago I stopped getting this check back from the state because they wanted to keep the money. Patty Ritchie showed up at my door and told me that the DEMOCRAT in office go rid of it and that the first thing she was going to do was get us our money back so that the state would stop using it for the greater good.

And here we are a year n a half in and she's done nothing. She has an interest in her conference of doing something some day, but doesn't know where to get the money from to give me my money back at the end of the year. Here's a newsflash, you don't need to find a funding source to give me my money back. I am your funding source and I want you to cut the line and give us overtaxed what was once ours. And quit promoting "Enhanced STAR" like its the same thing as regular STAR, its not, and you've done nothing but remind old folks to get it, its the same thing that its always been, no change at all and no input from you.

Patty Ritchie and Governor Cuomo brag about doing all sorts of good for the taxpayers. They passed a property tax cap, but my County overrode it and they can raise taxes again. These people claim to be different, claim they care about us struggling upstaters who are overtaxed and live in a resource poor area where we pay bankers taxes on our homes that are nothin more than shacks and lean-tos. But all they really are is the same monster with a different face, they pass all sorts of feel good laws, saying that life will get better for us, they want kick us in the teeth again and then they pass all sorts of crap that either punches us in the mouth or says that the County has to do it.